About Christoph

Christoph Finkel was born in Allgäu, Germany 1971. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nürnberg 1992-1998. At present he works as an artist, making sculptural bowls. He lives with his wife and daughter in Bad Hindelang, Germany.

The material Christoph Finkel is working with is wood. He finds the trees in his local area and their way of growing, their history and character interest him. It is a long process from the moment he picks out the trees until the finished work piece. 

Wood is a living material and it is changeable. Christoph Finkel pushes the limit of what is possible with his machine and his tools, to make a perfectly shaped bowl from a bulky piece of wood.

The handcraft from Christoph Finkel is both sensible and difficult because of the living independent material. This makes every piece of work unique.

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Christoph Finkel, woodworking

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